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Who We Are

God's Plan for Our Lives

God has directed us  to minister to the vulnerable and downcast populations in Belize. We believe that the primary need of any individual is to come into relationship with God. This is done by building bridges to peoples hearts through Bible studies, education, and time spent with them.

Home: Who We Are

Summer Programs

Reading Camp / Math Camp


Having fun while sharpening math skills

Through a combination of lessons and fun activities, learning math becomes a fun activity during the summer. This is for children 10-12years old. When they start school, they will be on par with their school work. We have a young man, who is a math major at UBelize and loves working with children. He is teaching them above their grade level.


Reading Comprehension and Phonics

The younger children have fun while sharpening their reading skills. Between the Math camp and the Reading camp, between 40 and 60 children would show up.


Spectacular Show

The children watched intently for almost an hour as the dancers spun and twirled telling a story using music and dance. The gospel is presented through drama.


Dramatic Truth

A dance troupe visits the Learning Center. Dramatic Truth, tells stories using music and dance, that point to Jesus. The children, and most of the adults, had never seen anything quite like this and were enthralled by their performance. Afterward, The children broke up into groups, and the dancers played games with them and taught them dance!


Salvation and Bibles

The angels in heaven are rejoicing! Eight children gave their hearts to the Lord! Here is Ms. Lynn giving bibles to some of the children.

Home: Programs

What's New in '22

The ABC Club and a Baptism for the men at Freedom House

With the school closures, the children's academic abilities were suffering. Especially the younger children who had never had an opportunity to go to school. The ABC Club now meets two mornings a week for children aged 3 and 4 years old. It's a time of fun, learning their abc's, counting and breakfast.

We had our first baptism since the pandemic. Five men were baptized in the river. Afterward, we celebrated by roasting hot dogs on a fire.

Home: What We Do

Reinforcing our Commitment

Here is Ms. Maggie with one of the "cutie pies."


One Step at a Time

Due to the lockdowns because of Covid, children have fallen behind in learning the very basics of educational skills. At the ABC Club, preschoolers are introduced to these basics. And they have fun at the same time!! It gives the mommies a break, and the mommies are welcome to go to a cozy sitting area upstairs in the library and have a cup of tea and read, or chat about life. It gives us an opportunity to know some of the families in the village. This has given us opportunities to minister to the moms and dads through events such as women's dinners and worship meetings and men's dinners. Many of them to the unchurched.


Helping The Community

Edna had been praying about opening a Sunshine Tutors location in Georgeville, an adjacent village. In February, her prayer came to fruition as Sunshine Tutors started a pilot program in Georgeville. We hired a young lady, a college student, and brought 2 other employees from Unitedville. Several young ladies on staff are former students at Sunshine Tutors. Besides the children learning reading and math skills, these young ladies are learning how to be good employees and earning some money also!


Baptizing Men of Freedom House

At the end of April, we baptized five of the men residing at Freedom House. This is always an exciting time as the men testify to the saving grace of Jesus Christ in their lives! It is exciting to see what God is doing in the lives of the men as they surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit! Here is one of the guys about to be baptized.

Sunshine Tutors

We Can Make a Difference in Children's Lives

Sunshine Tutors has been serving the students and families of Unitedville and other nearby villages since 2017. We celebrate what God is doing.



Make A True Change

We instruct the children in reading comprehension and math, but the cornerstone of our instruction is a time of devotions where we combine bible stories with vocabulary words and talk about application in our own lives. 

  • We teach our students to have a deeper understanding of God's Word and of His Faithfulness to mankind.

  • We have emphasized the importance of prayer and talking to God by each student practicing "quiet time"and creating their own prayer journal to use at home. 

  • We discuss practical ways to make God's Word relevant to our own lives.

  • We've spent time recognizing what we are feeling, and how to respond to our feelings with the help of God.


Learning About Our Emotions

Learning about our Emotions


Working with Children in the Public School

Reading the Bible

Edna takes s children who have difficulty reading out of class to work with them. She has one of the mothers working with her. Besides helping them with their reading, she has an "emotional toolbox" she uses so the children learn how to identify their emotions and how to deal with them in a constructive manner.


A Former Sunshine Tutor Student is Now an Assistant

Learning About the Bible

Jas, a former student at Sunshine Tutors, is teaching younger students how to find their way around the Bible. The children enjoy this time and stay engaged!


An Education with a Christian Worldview

Grace Instruments Christian Academy

Education in Belize is not free. Friends of our saw the need, and answered the call to provide a Christian Education for students whose parents may not be able to afford to send them to school. We serve on the board of the school and provide counselling for students, as well as funding for scholarships. Here is a special assembly of the students outside on the school grounds.


School Sponsorship

The Future of Belize

We sponsor students for secondary school, junior college, and vocational school programs. Miss J, on the right with Edna, is an education student at a junior college, and works with us three days during the as well Saturdays at the Learning Center and in Georgeville.

Miss L, on the left, was in the program from the beginning. She graduated primary school as valedictorian, and is now in secondary school.


Unitedville Learning Center

"Dis da Place"

This is where we tutor "our kids." We rent the use of the building from missionary friends of ours, for which we are so grateful. We have classes on the second floor and use the first floor for special events. We are planning to have a medical team here in June. Please pray that the Corona virus will be just a bad memory by then.

Home: Get Involved

Freedom House

Freedom House is a re-entry house for men recovering from difficult lifestyles. We conduct Bible studies and literacy improvement and training. We talk about life application of Bible principles and the development of habits that makes God the center of our decision making process.

Home: Get Involved
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Devoted to God

Pastor Manuel, the director of Freedom House. He lives on Campus with the men. God has brought him from a life of addiction to a place of discernment and being able to speak into the lives and building up of the men of Freedom House.

Goal Sheets

When men are admitted to Freedom House, they are introduced to the concept of setting goals. They are encouraged to seek God concerning His plan and purpose for their lives and goals that are in line with His will for them.

Worship at Freedom House

Before our bible study, we have a time of worship and praise. I appreciate the expressions on these brothers faces; There's a sense of peace and contentment radiating from them.


Chapel Service at Belize Central Prison

Chapel Service

Due to the lockdowns because of Covid-19, Ron is not been able to visit the prison at this time.

Home: Welcome


Would you consider supporting us through prayer and giving monetarily. A donation of any amount is truly appreciated. With regular giving, we can make the commitments necessary to send children to school for the time it takes to complete the program. Knowing that you are a partnering with us, helps us as we look to expand the work we are presently doing.

To give, click on the button below which will redirect you to the Brooklyn Tabernacle giving page, select "BT Missions in Belize" under the Fund tab and follow the directions. A tax deductible receipt will be available.

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