Who We Are

God's Plan for Our Lives

God has directed us  to minister to the vulnerable and downcast populations in Belize. We believe that the primary need of any individual is to come into relationship with God. This is done by building bridges to peoples hearts through Bible studies, education, and time spent with them.


Outreaches in Unitedville, Franks Eddy and Duck Run 3

The areas in Franks Eddy and Duck Run 3 where we ministered are two poor communities that are off the beaten path.

Ministry during a crises in Unitedville

During the caused by Covid-19, we distributed grocery items to people in our village and to Freedom House. Staples, such as rice, beans, flour, oil, soap, and toilet paper were given to people. We had a young man from the village, Leroy, who also works with the tutoring program, guide us to people in need including some elderly people who  would have a difficult time gettig around.

Outreach to Franks Eddy

Frank's Eddy is a small village off the beaten path. We were asked to join a group of young people, most of them from Brazil, to do a worship service and deliver grocery items. 25 Families recieved assistance.

Praying for Salvation ans Rededication at Frank's Eddy

The worship service and messages led to an invitation for prayer. A young girl and three older women responded pray for salvation and rededication.

Outreach at Duck Run 3

Duck Run 3 is a community adjacent to Spanish Lookout, a large Mennonite community. On the outskirts of Duck Run 3 is a dump. At the entrance of the dump, is a community that most people drive past on the way to the dump without having interaction with the people. They may be looked at as "dump people," but God sees them as those created in His image. After a worship and prayer service, and grocery assistance, the community elder asked if he can pray for us. We thank God for His grace and His mercy!

A Member of the Team

Here is a member of the team involved in the Frank's Eddy Outreach, and the Duck Run 3 outreach. He is a young adult who is friends with a couple of the guys from Brazil. The body of Christ transcends race, culture, language, or any other boundaries that the world system tries to erect.

Listen to the impromptu worship service


Sunshine Tutors

We Can Make a Difference in Children's Lives

Sunshine Tutors has been serving the students and families of Unitedville and other nearby villages for three years. We celebrate what God is doing. We have had 70 students come through our doors. Because the children are not in school, many will be behind in their work. We anticipate many more students signing up next time we are able to open.



Make A True Change

We instruct the children in reading comprehension and math, but the cornerstone of our instruction is a time of devotions where we combine bible stories with vocabulary words and talk about application in our own lives. 

  • We teach our students to have a deeper understanding of God's Word and of His Faithfulness to mankind.

  • We have emphasized the importance of prayer and talking to God by each student practicing "quiet time"and creating their own prayer journal to use at home. 

  • We discuss practical ways to make God's Word relevant to our own lives.

  • We've spent time recognizing what we are feeling, and how to respond to our feelings with the help of God.


Learning About Our Emotions

Learning about our Emotions


Working with Children in the Public School

Doing Phonics with Children Who Have Difficulting Reading

Edna takes s children who have difficulty reading out of class to work with them. She has one of the mothers working with her. Besides helping them with their reading, she has an "emotional toolbox" she uses so the children learn how to identify their emotions and how to deal with them in a constructive manner.


Working Hard

Learning "Maths"

Here are some of the Standard 4 students working on their maths lessons. The young woman on the far right is one of our assistants. She is a college student, majoring in education.


Starting Early

Miss T with her Standard 2 Students

Miss T was with us since we started. After the first year, she had the vision for working with the Standard 2 children. She developed a lesson plan and has been working with them since then.


School Sponsorship

The Future of Belize

We sponsor students for secondary school, junior college, and vocational school programs. Miss J, on the left, is an education student at a junior college, and works with us on Saturdays at the Learning Center.


Unitedville Learning Center

"Dis da Place"

This is where we tutor "our kids." We rent the use of the building from missionary friends of ours, for which we are so grateful. We have classes on the second floor and use the first floor for special events. We are planning to have a medical team here in June. Please pray that the Corona virus will be just a bad memory by then.


Freedom House

Freedom House is a re-entry house for men recovering from difficult lifestyles. We conduct Bible studies and literacy improvement and training. We talk about life application of Bible principles and the development of habits that makes God the center of our decision making process.

FH Christmas-2019-4_edited.jpg

Devoted to God

Pastor Manuel, the director of Freedom House. He lives on Campus with the men. God has brought him from a life of addiction to a place of discernment and being able to speak into the lives and building up of the men of Freedom House.

A Heart of Gratitude

One of the residents reading his thoughts of gratitude to God for the provision of Freedom House. The following month, this man was baptized. He went from addiction to Freedom in Jesus.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Freedom House

A Time of Fellowship and Fun


Chapel Service at Belize Central Prison

Chapel Service

Ron is doing a Friday afternoon chapel service at Belize Central Prison. Men have been coming forward for prayer, with many dedicating their lives to the Lord.



Would you consider supporting us through prayer and giving monetarily. A donation of any amount is truly appreciated. With regular giving, we can make the commitments necessary to send children to school for the time it takes to complete the program. Knowing that you are a partnering with us, helps us as we look to expand the work we are presently doing.
To give, click on the button below which will redirect you to the Brooklyn Tabernacle giving page, select "Belize" and follow the directions. A tax deductible receipt will be available.


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